Comscore is committed to privacy and the responsible use of information. We strive to promote transparency through the creation, publication, education, and adherence to privacy principles and policies relating specifically to individuals. We enable individuals to access, correct and/or delete personal information. We also continually strive to protect individuals’ privacy through the design of our products, ongoing monitoring and auditing, and through other information security safeguards.

Privacy Principles

We collect data directly from individuals who have opted to participate in our panels and surveys. We also collect data from our customers and partners. 

Transparency – We seek to create trust in our processes for data collection, and our privacy policies provide clear notice regarding the data we collect and how we use it. 

Control - We recognize that individuals should have the ability to make informed decisions regarding how their personal information is used/processed. We provide individuals with the mechanisms to make informed choices, understanding that the collection, use and/or processing of personal information is necessary to deliver our products and services.

Security – We use technical, physical, and organizational controls as part of a multilayered approach to data security. These controls provide data protection that is regularly reviewed by internal and external auditors to ensure the company gathers and processes data in ways that are consistent with its privacy policies, industry best practices, and applicable laws and regulations.

Privacy questions or comments may be submitted by email to

Comscore engages with several major privacy organizations, including the Future of Privacy Forum and the  Interactive Advertising Bureau – Europe, to participate in the continued evolution of privacy practices of responsible public companies.

Privacy Trust Seals

Strong privacy practices are at the core of Comscore’s operations. We are proud to have developed clear disclosures to help our panelists understand their role in contributing to the data that Comscore’s clients use to improve their products. Comscore encourages all individuals who consider joining our research panels to read through the wealth of information that is provided on the panel’s websites. One thing that you will notice as you look through panel websites, is that there are several seals typically posted along the bottom or right edge of the home page. These seals demonstrate how outside organizations have certified or otherwise approved Comscore’s practices. Learn More

Privacy Policy

Comscore operates a number of research panels, each of which is governed by the privacy policy that appears on the Website assigned to that research panel. To view the Privacy Policy about and the mobile application for, please visit

Global Impact

At Comscore, we believe in bringing trust and transparency to media and marketing across the globe, this includes our approach to global privacy laws and standards. As international privacy and data protection laws evolve, Comscore evolves with them.

Click here to learn more about our approach the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and about your Data Subject Rights.