Cost-efficiently improving automotive sales with Borgmeyer Marketing Group

BMG wanted to strategically and cost‑efficiently improve TV campaign performance for key local auto clients.

The Scenario

Borgmeyer Marketing Group (BMG), a local agency, was buying TV ad spots based on traditional market rankings – but sought a better, more budget-friendly way to improve campaign performance for key local automotive clients.

The Solution

BMG leveraged Comscore’s local TV reports to optimize ad buys while reducing campaign spend.

Number 1

Heat Maps

BMG swapped static market rankings for Comscore’s heat maps, enabling BMG to target key audiences and reach ZIP codes with the highest viewership – not necessarily those simply ranked first.

Number 2

Multi-Station Trender

BMG then utilized Multi-Station Trender reports to analyze key metrics by station and by month, allowing them to efficiently and strategically adjust their monthly strategy.

Number 3

Optimized Budget

By using multiple reports to identify high-value markets and opportunities, BMG was able to stretch their client’s budget further,  enabling cost-savings while improving performance.

The Success

Comscore’s local TV tools helped BMG and a key auto client achieve more with less spend.

  • #1 in new vehicle sales within local competitive dealerships by a total of 11 vehicles
  • Increased new automotive sales by 7.2% month over month
  • Improved campaign efficacy on a reduced budget

Increase in new automotive sales

month over month