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In a world where Manufacturing marketers are fighting for growth in an environment of increasing budget constraints, digital serves as a powerful medium for interacting with consumers in a cost-effective, highly scalable, and speed to market way.

You need fast and accurate answers to difficult questions:

  • What is the effectiveness of my digital marketing (search, display, video, social) campaigns on retail stores sales?
  • How did my digital campaign impact consumer awareness, attitudes, message recall, and intent-to-purchase?
  • Is there any integrated way to capture all the digital data for my brand and use it to drive growth?
  • How does my brand’s digital performance stack up relative to the competition?
  • How can I optimize the creative for my brand prior to moving to execution?

We can help.  comScore has been helping Manufacturing companies for over a decade through:

Unparalleled Accuracy 
Leverage the power of comScore’s panels to understand consumers’ digital behavior

Consultative Approach
Partner with our analysts who have a pragmatic understanding of digital marketing and extensive industry expertise

Customizable Solutions
Studies tailored to your needs based on rigorous attitudinal and behavioral research methodologies

Analytics Products
Software and cloud (software as a service, also known as SaaS) offerings built to scale and perform in a digital world

Products to consider

comScore validated Campaign Essentials™ (vCE®) is a holistic ad and audience delivery validation solution that provides deep campaign insights, in-flight reporting and...
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Brand Survey Lift™ (BSL™) measures the overall branding impact of a campaign as well as the specific lift contribution by publisher, data provider and creative.
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