- May 9, 2023

Coronation of King Charles III

Madison Busick
Madison Busick
Senior Analyst, Content & Insights
Susan Bae
Susan Bae
Manager, Content and Insights

On May 6, 2023 King Charles III and Queen Camilla were crowned in a historic coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey.  

Content about the Coronation generated over 88 million actions and 405 million video views across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok1.

To put that at scale with other major royal events, coronation-related content drove 49% more actions and 42% more video views than content about the Queen's Platinum Jubilee2 that took place last year.

Top Posts about the Coronation3

Where was all that engagement happening? As people around the world tuned in, they also liked, commented, shared, or retweeted on social, with these posts getting the most activity.  

  Published by  Actions 
Pubity  1.2m 
Katy Perry  1.2m 
Pubity  909k 
The Royal Family  894k 
David Beckham  885k 


  Published by  Views 
People  14.4m 
The Sun  12.8m 
People  11.3m 
Extra  10.4m 
Entertainment Tonight  9.8m 


  Published by  Actions 
BBC  129k 
The Royal Family  75.4k 
The Royal Family  69.7k 
The List  64.0k 
Ant and Dec  56.5k 


  Published by  Actions 
Choquei  1.2m 
Janja Lula Silva  1.2m 
The Royal Family  909k 
Chelsea Football Club  894k 
The New York Times  885k 

Top Publishers by Actions on Coronation Content4

The Royal Family had the most actions across all platforms at 6.3 million. Other top engagement drivers were major global media publishers and celebrities. The top publishers were not all UK-based news sites but also included celebrity and fashion-focused publications from the US. 

  Name  Actions 
People  4.5m 
E! News  4.5m 
Vogue  3.3m 
BBC News  3.2m 
Sky News  2.3m 

Top Individuals by Actions on Coronation Content5

Over 2,000 guests, including celebrities and other royal families from around the world, were invited to the ceremony. The celebrity who drove the highest actions was Katy Perry, who is an Ambassador for the British Asian Trust6 and was also one of the performers at the Coronation Concert. Queen Rania Al Abdullah, the Queen of Jordan, drove the third-highest total actions with 787K actions, with social buzzing about her outfit. Although not at the event, David and Victoria Beckham drove 1.2M collective actions.

  Name  Actions 
Katy Perry  1.1m 
David Beckham  927k 
Queen Rania Al Abdullah  787k 
Janja Lula Silva  386k 
Victoria Beckham  359k 

Top Keywords on Coronation Content7

When looking at the top keywords on Coronation content, publishers, brands, and content creators mainly highlighted members of the Royal family on social media. Other popular topics were Westminster Abbey and the City of London. 


Wikipedia Viewership8

On the day of the Coronation, people were searching for information on the Monarchy, as shown in the top English Language Wikipedia articles from the day. Articles on King Charles III drove over 856K views. Viewers were also interested to learn more about Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Camilla, and even British politician Penny Mordaunt who held a sword at the ceremony.  

The high engagement levels of King Charles III’s Coronation illustrate how social media and online news outlets play a crucial role in how viewers consume and interact with event-related content. Although there are numerous channels through which news coverage can be shared, social media is a vital factor in generating discussion and driving relevancy. 

To learn more about the Coronation or see how you can leverage our insights to better engage your audience, connect with one of our data experts here.   


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