- February 9, 2015

ConAgra Foods Increases Advertising Performance & Effectiveness, Resulting in Better ROI

The goal of online advertising is to get the right message to the right person, increasing brand favorability and ultimately driving sales. However, viewability and audience measurement have changed the online advertising game. Fortunately advertisers now have the tools needed to understand sources of waste, which they can use to increase the performance and effectiveness of ads and ultimately improves ROI. 

Comscore recently conducted a baseline evaluation of ConAgra Foods’ digital ad campaign performance using validated Campaign Essentials™ (vCE®), and the results provided some startling insights. For the campaigns measured, only 25 percent of delivered impressions hit the intended demo-target, and only 50 percent of impressions were delivered in-view. ConAgra Foods changed its media buying strategy, negotiating for guaranteed viewability and audience delivery rates in order to improve its campaign performance. 

In an analysis of a key display campaign, ConAgra Foods found that viewability led to significant increases in two key ROI metrics: 1) incremental sales volume per impression and 2) incremental sales volume per dollar spent. ConAgra Foods compared these metrics calculated for both gross impressions and viewable impressions, and found that incremental volume increased by 74 percent for in-view impressions, while incremental volume per dollar increased by 39 percent. Overall, they increased their ROI by a significant margin as a result of employing ad validation. 


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