Many Screens, Big Picture with Paul Dergarabedian

A weekly podcast about the entertainment industry

Senior Media Analyst

While the moviegoing experience remains a hallmark of our culture, a multitude of devices are changing how individuals access entertainment and watch movies. Listen in to stay on top of the big picture in the film and entertainment industries.

In “Many Screens, Big Picture,” Comscore Sr. Media Analyst Paul Dergarabedian talks with the industry’s leading experts to discuss key trends and things to watch for in the landscape of film and entertainment.

Latest Episode

Listen in as Brock and Paul discuss B&B Theatres illustrious family history, challenges their company faced during the dark days of the Pandemic, the importance of “leaving it in the board room” for the family dynamic, the film to look out for this Fall and the never-ending resilience and relevance of the movie theatre experience. Read more

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