- August 22, 2013

Marketing in an Age of Social Mobility

Social and mobile media are continuously changing consumer media habits, keeping brands on their feet as they try to keep up. In this presentation, Comscore Chairman and Co-Founder Gian Fulgoni describes how social and mobile are transforming the way consumers engage with digital and traditional media, and how this is impacting their path to purchasing decisions. The presentation includes a review of the consumers path to purchase, key trends in social networking and mobile, as well as where we’re heading from here.

Presentation takeaways include:

  • While the consumer’s path to purchase has been disrupted by digital technology, there is still a prominent role for traditional media.
  • Mobile devices have exploded onto the scene but have not yet been integrated into consumers’ path to purchase in the same manner as traditional and other digital media.
  • E-Commerce growing 3X faster than all consumer spending and now accounts for $1 in every $10 of consumers’ discretionary spending.
  • Social networks have become mainstream and offer a myriad ways for marketers to reach consumers.
  • Mobile devices now account for a substantial portion of the time spent on social networking sites.
  • Advertising on Facebook has been proven to lift consumer buying.