- September 28, 2015

Push Play: Is your video strategy driving results or stuck on “Pause"?

Speaker: Federica Ancona, SKY TV & Andrew Read, Vice President, Comscore

Explore Best Practices in Video Analytics

In this presentation, Federica Ancona of SKY TV and Andrew Read, Vice President of Comscore discuss how to leverage video analytics to drive strategic objectives focused on how to understand, engage, and monetize video audiences across all platforms.

As a solutions-oriented analytics professional with broad expertise across multiple industries including broadcast media, finance, and retail, Ms. Ancona leverages Comscore Digital Analytix® to provide a high-quality video experience that delivers results.

Federica and Comscore Digital Analytix present video best practices that help you:

  • Identify how viewers engage with your content
  • Understand the effect of ads on different audiences
  • Monitor QoS to provide a high quality viewing experience

The presentation includes an overview of the current video landscape, a review of the DAx Video Analytics solution, and a short demo.

DAx Video Analytics empowers the decision maker by delivering detailed insights regarding video consumption, ad placement, and player performance, resulting in a clear understanding of how content, advertising, and quality affect overall video engagement.