- March 1, 2016

U.S. Wedding Planning Online

Ashley Bozeman
Ashley Bozeman
Analyst, Syndicated Client Insights
Rachel Marcus
Rachel Marcus
Senior Analyst, Syndicated Client Insights

Each month Comscore creates a Data Insight presentation on a different topic in digital. In this March 2016 edition, the topic is "Wedding Planning".

Key Takeaways

  • Multi-Platform visitation to wedding sites has grown significantly year over year, driven largely by mobile.
  • On average, 70% of the top wedding sites’ traffic is now mobile only.
  • Wedding site visitors are primarily female Millennials with higher household incomes.
  • Soon to be married women are likely to visit department store sites and creative/ DIY sites, while soon to be married men are likely to visit promotional sites.
  • As the wedding planning industry goes digital, a vast majority of wedding registry activity is taking place online and retailers are bidding for wedding related search terms.
  • Soon to be married women are turning to creative and DIY sites like Pinterest and Etsy, perhaps to have more control over the wedding experience and costs.

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