October 7, 2020

The Future of Measurement for Branded Content

Ed Hannigan
Ed Hannigan
VP of Sales

Audiences are consuming content at an almost unbelievable rate. At the same time, advertisers are rushing to keep up with new and innovative branded integration and content opportunities in the fight for consumer attention.

Marketers are also more focused than ever on making authentic connections amidst cultural, political, and socioeconomic upheaval. With all of this to contend with, how can advertisers measure success? What counts as a “win”? And why is it more important than ever to focus on engagement?

Key Points

  • An overview of the social media & digital landscape today, and what 2021 could look like
  • Why measurement of social media campaigns is so important
  • How engagement is a foundational element of success
  • Why both quantitative and qualitative reporting is essential for quality reporting.
  • How businesses are being impacted by recent events and how measurement helps them adapt and innovate on social
  • Q&A

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