Comscore Announces Beta Release of Mobile Metrix®  in Colombia  to Measure Smartphone and Tablet Audiences

For the first time, Comscore reports Colombia measuring browser and app audience activity on mobile devices

Bogota, Colombia, March 19th, 2015 – Comscore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, announced the Beta launch of  Mobile Metrix® in Colombia for reporting on app and browser audiences on smartphones and tablets. Mobile Metrix helps publishers demonstrate the size and value of their mobile audiences, and helps media planners and buyers better evaluate advertising opportunities on mobile devices. Mobile Metrix was the first service of its kind to enter the market in the U.S. and it has since expanded to other Latin America markets in 2014 including Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Argentina.

“With so much digital media activity in Colombia occurring on smartphones and tablets, it’s critical to account for mobile audiences. With the launch of Mobile Metrix, Comscore is bringing insights into the consumption and behaviors of mobile audiences for the first time to the Colombian market.” said Alex Castro, Comscore Director Sales for Colombia. “This is a huge step to represent consumer internet usage in Colombia across multiple platforms and devices.  Now, publishers will be able to get credit for these valuable audiences and media planners and buyers will know which apps and mobile websites are attracting their target audiences’ attention.

As part of Comscore's commitment to a global roll-out for Mobile Metrix, this version of Mobile Metrix in Colombia leverages census-based methodology by Comscore that enables in-market mobile measurement without the need of a traditional mobile panel. The output delivers person-centric measurement for all tagged mobile web properties and applications, making it crucial for publishers with a need to quantify and monetize their mobile audiences to participate in this tagging process.

With January 2015 Beta data, Mobile Metrix for Colombia will start providing:

  • Mobile usage and behaviors on tagged publishers
  • Category audiences and trends for mobile browsers and apps
  • iOS and Android mobile platforms
  • Browser only and app only consumption metrics
  • Audience size on mobile sites and apps

Top Tablet and Smartphone Categories in Colombia
Mobile Metrix for Colombia data enables reporting of audience sizes on separated views on browser consumption or app consumption across tablets and smartphones. Among iOS and Android users age 18 and older, News/Information category ranks first in Total Unique Visitors in Colombia with 6.3 million Unique Visitors on Smartphones about six times as much as the Tablets in the country, which counts with one million Unique Visitors accessing News/Information category in January 2015.

Comscore Top 10 Categories on Mobile Browser
Total Colombia, Age 18+, January 2015
Source: Comscore Mobile Metrix
All Smartphones All Tablets
Total Unique Visitors (000) Total Unique Visitors (000)
    News/Information 6,331 1,088
    Distributed Content 5,688 968
    Corporate Presence 4,971 885
    Entertainment 4,494 786
    Portals 4,083 818
    Lifestyles 3,922 728
    Social Media 3,406 609
    Sports 3,201 594
    Technology 1,591 374
    Directories/Resources 1,392 290

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About Mobile Metrix
Comscore Mobile Metrix® captures total mobile audience behavior on browsers and apps across smartphones and tablets. With Mobile Metrix, publishers can demonstrate the value of their mobile audiences to advertisers, while agencies and advertisers can strategically plan and buy digital advertising on mobile platforms to achieve their campaign objectives.

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