- June 1, 2020

Comscore and LiveRamp Partner For Reliable TV Information

Comscore is seeking a “holistic view” of audience behavior because newly “thrifty” advertisers are demanding accurate data on the effectiveness of ad spend.

In this video interview with Beet.TV's Rober Andrews, CEO Bill Livek says the COVID-19 pandemic is pushing more brands to seek even greater accountability.

To that end, he hopes a recently-inked partnership with ad-tech supplier LiveRamp can help.

In May, the pair announced a partnership to “combine our companies’ collective television and video intelligence”. 

That combination includes pairing Comscore’s census-based TV footprint and audience demographics with LiveRamp’s identity solutions.

Comscore’s audience activation segments – for groups like live sports watchers, cord cutters and political audiences – will be promoted through LiveRamp Data Marketplace.

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