- November 15, 2016

Ad Week 2016: Is precision targeting delivering on its promise?

Some believe the future of precision targeting is now and are making big bets on this path. Still, others contest it remains far too difficult to get enough scale with these tiny targets to drive meaningful ROI, causing them to default to more traditional targeting approaches. Which is the best path? Leading industry voices, including Lyle Schwartz, Managing Partner, GroupM, weigh in on this timely issue.

Aaron Fetters SVP, Comscore
Blaise D'Sylva VP, Media, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group
Lyle Schwartz Managing Partner, GroupM
Jon Suarez-Davis Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, Krux
Julie Fleischer Managing Director, Retail, OMD
Charlie Chappell Sr. Director, Global Integrated Media, The Hershey Company

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