Brand Survey Lift™

Measure the Branding Impact of Online and Multi-Platform Ad Campaigns

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Demonstrate the value of online advertising—and prove campaign effectiveness across multiple platforms.  Quantify branding impact—both online and offline—and show specific lift contribution with Brand Survey Lift. 

This survey-based solution measures the total impact of online and multi platform advertising, and is the industry’s only branding effectiveness measurement solution that leverages actual campaign-delivery insights to calculate and weight survey responses. 

Leverage comScore’s proprietary Smart Lift methodology to optimize campaigns and eliminate wasted ad spend. Measure lift in key branding metrics, such as awareness, message recall and intent-to-purchase.

Gain more insight into the consumer mindset with preference measurement for a product or service within a competitive set. Optimize future campaigns by evaluating each publisher’s lift contribution to understand which placements generate the strongest ROI.

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