Streamline theatrical business operations for more efficient transactions

Simplify and automate back-end theatrical business processes to improve accuracy and efficiency.

Day-to-day theatrical processes can be manual and labor-intensive, but small changes – like automated invoicing and electronic payment – can reduce manpower needs and make your day-to-day processes easier and more successful.

Comscore tools and services are designed to limit resources and improve effectiveness across invoicing, booking, marketing and more, helping you run your theatrical business more efficiently. 

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Theatrical Invoicing

Create an efficient flow of reconciled ticket transactions to enable faster invoicing and receipt of payment to studios.


Marketing and Communications

Tailor personalized marketing communications to moviegoers and track effectiveness in driving them to the theater.

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Process Automation and Management

Automatically manage and control end-to-end theatrical exhibition and distribution processes and equipment.

Cinema ACE
Enterprise Web
Exhibitor Management System

Product availability and capabilities vary by market