Leverage sophisticated market and audience analytics to maximize box office revenue

Analyze real moviegoer sentiment to inform marketing strategy and optimize total box office potential.

It takes both historical and real-time data to understand the market and consumer forces that can impact a film’s success at the box office.  

With Comscore, you can plan releases with confidence to maximize theater attendance and revenue. Long-lead measurement tools allow promotional teams to develop strategic marketing plans and course-correct during the most critical windows. Audience exit-polling insights help you understand moviegoers’ motivations and behaviors throughout a film’s run.

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Market Analytics

Measure the health of your film’s marketing campaign and course correct as necessary up to a year before release using audience conversation and sentiment insights.


Audience Insights

Understand who saw a film, what motivated them to head to the theater, and other powerful insights within days of release to optimize revenue potential.


Custom Analytics

Looking for something else? Contact us to learn how we can help you use historical and real-time data to drive box office performance.

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Product availability and capabilities vary by market