The Streamlined Electronic Box Office Reporting System

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Only comScore streamlines the theatrical invoicing process, making billing easier and more efficient for studios, distributors and exhibitors.

comScore Swift™ is an electronic box office reporting system that facilitates an efficient flow of reconciled theater level ticket transactions, allowing for faster invoicing and receipt of payment to studios.

Featuring a web portal for data input or direct feeds from theaters via parsers, the Swift system catalogs granular theater-level performance attributes and electronically transmits results to studios to auto-populate their internal booking   systems. Studios, in turn, can expedite the invoicing process. Swift is currently being rolled-out in the United States and Canada, and will be tailored to meet the needs of international markets.

Benefits of Swift

Replace out-dated invoicing systems that require manual data entry from hard-copy reports.
Let comScore automatically and efficiently handle the data collection and analysis process.

Create more efficient and cost-effective reporting.
comScore takes in and aggregates multiple data feeds, allowing for faster, more accurate invoicing.

Determine patterns regarding a movie’s performance.
Evaluate specific audiences based on ticket types with access to granular comScore box office analytics.

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