- 4 de mayo, 2020

CTV Advertising: What Every Advertiser Needs to Know to Stay Ahead

Angela Rodriguez
Angela Rodriguez
Vicepresidenta, Activation
Rachel Gantz
Rachel Gantz
General Manager, Activation

In today’s quickly changing media landscape, the impact of shifting CTV, OTT, TV and VOD viewership is changing how brands need to approach their advertising strategies.

During this Coffee with Comscore webinar, we explored how this shift in consumer behavior is leading to a change in advertising behavior – specifically, how the rise in CTV is necessitating a whole new toolkit for advertisers – while discussing ad targeting strategies in the CTV era, solving the audience vs. contextual debate, and what advertisers can expect to come in the future.

This webinar looked at:

  • CTV viewership consumption insights  
  • How to handle CTV targeting in the current media landscape 
  • Future state of audience vs. contextual for CTV 

To learn more about how Comscore can help you continue to reach consumers in a shifting media environment, click here.

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