Connect the dots for CTV planning, transacting, and evaluation

Today's marketers need granular, consistent and quality CTV data to drive every step of their cross-platform content planning, campaign measurement and targeting.

Comscore offers a holistic suite of CTV solutions, powered by sophisticated, massive datasets that provide a unified view of consumer media consumption across every screen.

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Get a total view of digital video and CTV consumption​

Streaming Insights

Comscore CTV Intelligence™ provides clients with critical insight into consumer over-the-top (OTT) streaming activity on TV-connected devices, including smart TVs, streaming sticks and boxes and gaming consoles.

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Connected Device Insights

Comscore Connected Home™ enables users to better understand consumer engagement with technology and media by measuring behavior across every network- or router-connected device in the home.

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Multi-Platform Video Measurement

Comscore Video Metrix® Multi-Platform delivers a total view of consumer digital video consumption across desktops, smartphones, tablets and CTV devices.

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Precisely reach desirable audiences on Connected TV and streaming platforms

Privacy-forward Programmatic Targeting

Achieve precision CTV programmatic targeting based on behaviors such as YouTube CTV watchers, OTT SVOD watchers, premium sports paid subscribers, and streaming DVR paid subscribers.

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Optimize audience delivery with a full picture of connected TV audiences

Cross-Platform Advertising Measurement

Comscore Campaign Ratings™ is the industry’s leading advertising measurement solution offering in-flight deduplicated reach and frequency audience insights across linear TV, Connected TV (CTV), desktop and mobile.

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