- 28 janvier 2016

Viewability Analysis Reveals Ad Delivery Improvement in Italy

Viewability is an increasingly important topic in the Italian digital advertising industry, especially for advertisers who have become more aware of the issue, often demanding higher in-view rates and greater accountability from their publisher partners. 

Today Comscore released its latest data on in-view rates for Italy, which revealed improvement in viewability during the last year. This improvement could be attributed to several factors including increased market education on the issues of viewability, collaborative work between advertisers and publishers to solve the problem, and the growing adoption of verification tools, like Comscore validated Campaign Essentials.
The analysis looked at five tiers of page URLs ranked by their in-view rates. Tier 1, which includes the top 20% of page URLs with the highest in-view rate, revealed an average in-view rate of 66% in January 2016, an increase of 3 percentage from previously-released numbers in February 2015 (showing 63% in-view rate). Similar rates of improvement were seen across all five tiers pointing to a larger positive trend in viewability.

Important to note though, is that although viewability is improving, rates vary greatly across the ecosystem as evidenced in the below chart. This underscores the importance of surfacing quality inventory – that is in-view, fraud-free and brand safe – whether you buy programmatically or directly from a publisher.

Italy In-View Rates by Tier*
  Feb-15 Jan-16 Percentage Point Change
Tier 1 63% 66% +3
Tier 2 50% 54% +4
Tier 3 39% 42% +3
Tier 4 25% 28% +3
Tier 5 < 25%  < 28% +3

Source: Comscore Bid Ratings, a Comscore data feed enabled in programmatic environments (i.e. DSPs) to help media buyers surface inventory that is likely to have stronger in-view rates.  Advertisers and agencies can making buying decisions based on Bid Ratings’ in-view tiers.
*Tier interpretation: Tier 1 consists of the top 20% of page URLs with the highest in-view rates, Tier 2 consists of the top 40% of page URLs with the highest in-view rates, etc.

“The improvement of the viewability is a virtuous effect of the demand for transparency and accountability expressed by the media buyers and the collaborative approach of the Italian publishers striving for quality,” said Fabrizio Angelini, exclusive representative of Comscore in Italy. “Big publishers like Banzai, Italiaonline and Mediamond are closely monitoring inventory in order to improve quality

Comscore Bid Ratings is now available in several DSPs in Italy to help media buyers locate the highest quality inventory when buying programmatically. To learn more and bid with trust, please contact us.