10 mai 2021

Cookieless Audience Targeting Partnership Series

Is your targeting strategy future-proofed for a cookie-free world? 

Earlier this year Comscore announced the launch of Comscore Predictive Audiences - offering privacy-friendly targeting capabilities that enable advertisers to reach audiences based on granular consumer behavior across digital, mobile, and connected TV (CTV) campaigns. Following on the heels of our successful launch webinar, we are now kicking off a series of deep-dive webinars with each of our launch partners – PlaceIQ, TransUnion, Polk Automotive Solutions, IHS Markit and Eyeota.

The first session featured our partner PlaceIQ to discuss how Comscore’s new solution sets the standard for cookie-free audience targeting at scale using PlaceIQ’s best-in-class location data.

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The second session featured our partner Transunion to discuss how Comscore’s new solution offers targeting at scale using Transunion’s financial data.

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The third session featured our partner IHS Markit, Polk to discuss how Comscore’s new solution sets targeting at scale using Polk’s automotive data.

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The last session of this series featured our partner Eyeota to discuss how Comscore’s solution sets the standard for cookie-free audience targeting at scale using Eyeota’s B2B data.

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Key questions answered in these webinars include:

  • What do you need to know to prepare for targeting in a cookie-less world?
  • How can Comscore Predictive Audiences help you future-proof your targeting strategy?
  • What segments will be available from each partner and what data assets fuel these segments?
  • What are the top uses cases for these contextual audiences and how will they drive greater ROI?

    Solution de ciblage contextuel

    Comscore Content Activation™ fournit un arsenal puissant de filtres d'inventaire en pre-bid, pour des campagnes pertinentes et sans risques pour la marque, sur ordinateur,...

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    Audiences Prédictives

    L’innovation « Predictive Audiences » de Comscore est la première solution de ciblage d’audience sans cookie qui permet aux annonceurs d'atteindre leurs publics cibles...