- 14. März 2016

The Value of a Digital Ad

With the innate measurability of digital comes a new set of considerations on how to deliver and evaluate advertising activity. The Value of a Digital Ad is a collection of Comscore research which demonstrates how clean impressions that are free from invalid traffic and fraud, as well as viewable by human audiences, are fundamental to success.

In these reports and whitepapers we provide clear findings and best practices on how to combine validation with other performance measures to deliver on the full potential of digital.

The Value of a Digital Ad: How Validated Reach & Frequency Metrics Can Drive Campaign ROI NEW

The Value of a Digital Ad

In this report, we return to the fundamental principles of reach and frequency in the context of the digital advertising ecosystem. We provide insight into how the application of validated impressions provides a richer, more accurate view of campaign reach and frequency in order to improve advertising effectiveness and ROI.

  • How reporting on real reach leads to more valuable impressions and unlocks new opportunity for digital investment.
  • Why optimizing for viewability adds significant value at all frequencies.
  • The importance of validation for digital and cross-media ROI.


The Value of a Digital Ad Whitepaper

In this whitepaper, we address the key challenges preventing digital advertising from realizing its full potential and what solutions are available in today’s market that can help determine the true value of a digital ad.

  • Delivery: Are ads being delivered to real humans in intended target audiences?
  • Effectiveness: How do digital ads impact consumers’ attitudes and purchasing habits?
  • ROI: Why optimizing delivery is fundamental to measuring and improving effectiveness and overall ROI.


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