Comscore Brings its Single Metric for Global Multi-Platform Audiences to France

Webedia is the First French Publisher to Assess its Total Digital Audience Number, Providing Validation That Their Unduplicated Global Reach is 177 Million Visitors.

Paris, France, 11th July 2017 – Comscore, a leader in measuring the digital world, today announced an important audience measurement “first” in France in delivering a single unduplicated multi-platform global audience metric across desktop computers, smartphones and tablets.

This global audience number leverages Comscore’s proprietary multi-platform audience de-duplication methodology combined with comprehensive tagging to produce a measure of unique people being reached across the globe. This single audience metric represents the unduplicated reach across PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets and accounts for website, app and video audiences.

This metric is available to all global media brands and was tested in France for the first time by the leading Entertainment French publisher Webedia. Using the new measure, Webedia’s unduplicated global audience was recorded at 177 million visitors for April 2017 – a full 236 percent higher than Webedia’s global desktop-only audience of 52.6 million.

“As more and more websites compete in a global marketplace, we are very excited to provide a credible and independent international audience reach number across all platforms and geographies,” said Jacques Tchenio, Vice President Sales France at Comscore. “We believe this approach offers great potential to other global or multi-market media brands seeking to present their full offering to pan-national advertisers and their agencies.”

“Comscore provides us with a unique solution to release for the first time a global audience of our digital brands, including our strong Talent networks on YouTube”, said Antoine Meunier, Marketing Director at Webedia. “Comscore’s ability to provide unduplicated multi-platform insights is especially valuable to global advertisers and media buyers who want to understand the incremental reach we can deliver through our mobile and YouTube initiatives.”

About Comscore
Comscore is a leading cross-platform measurement company that measures audiences, brands and consumer behaviour everywhere. Comscore completed its merger with Rentrak Corporation in January 2016, to create the new model for a dynamic, cross-platform world. Built on precision and innovation, our data footprint combines proprietary digital, TV and movie intelligence with vast demographic details to quantify consumers’ multiscreen behaviour at massive scale. This approach helps media companies monetise their complete audiences and allows marketers to reach these audiences more effectively. With more than 3,200 clients and global footprint in more than 75 countries, Comscore is delivering the future of measurement. Shares of Comscore stock are currently traded on the OTC Market (OTC:SCOR). For more information on Comscore, please visit

About Webedia
Since 2007, Webedia have been building a global network of unique media brands and services within the entertainment and recreation industries. With more than 50 sites and apps in its portfolio (Tudo Gostoso, AdoroCinema, Allociné,, Atyabtabkha, PurePeople, Puretrend, Yasmina,, GameStar, 3DJuegos, EasyVoyage, BoxOffice Media, …), the group attracts more than 90 million unique visitors each month on all devices, and holds major channel networks on video platforms (Mixicom, Digital Stars, Paramaker, Allyance Network). When content and technology become drivers of brand values and experience: Webedia offers brand tech and e-commerce solutions, and accompanies its clients in defining and realising their digital strategies, CRM and ‘brand publishing’ assets. Webedia joined french investment company Fimalac in May 2013. For more information on Webedia, please visit

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